Mescal Dec 12

A hill near the start of Long Canyon on Sedona's west side
PC202572   MESCAL MOUNTAIN PC202573   A frozen puddle at the Long Canyon trailhead PC202574 PC202575
PC202576 PC202577 PC202578 PC202579
PC202580 PC202581 PC202583 PC202584   We first climb up to the Birthing Cave, a sumbol of female fertility
PC202585 PC202586 PC202587 PC202588
PC202589 PC202593 PC202594 PC202596
PC202597 PC202598   This deep overhang shelters a small watch point PC202600 PC202601
PC202603 PC202604 PC202605 PC202606
PC202607   A great place to sit PC202608 PC202610 PC202611
PC202612 PC202613 PC202614 PC202615
PC202616 PC202617 PC202619 PC202622
PC202623 PC202625 PC202626 PC202627
PC202628 PC202630   A tight squeeze here PC202631 PC202632
PC202634 PC202635 PC202636 PC202637
PC202638 PC202639 PC202640 PC202641
PC202643 PC202644 PC202645 PC202646
PC202647   On top of the mesa, we find it cold and windy PC202648 PC202650 PC202652
PC202653 PC202654 PC202656 PC202658
PC202659 PC202660 PC202661 PC202662
PC202663 PC202664 PC202665 PC202666
PC202667 PC202669 PC202670 PC202672
PC202673 PC202674   Down a narrow slot on the opposite side of the mesa PC202676 PC202680
PC202682 PC202683   That was how we came down PC202685 PC202686
PC202687 PC202688 PC202689 PC202690
PC202691 PC202692 PC202693 PC202694
PC202695 PC202696 PC202697