Mescal Jan 12

Mescal is a hill in Boynton Canyon
P1266092   MESCAL Starting from Boynton Canyon trailhead P1266093 P1266095   We immediately take the Deadman Pass fork, then a social trail to Mescal P1266096   a classic hoodoo: this isolated block of hard Fort Apache limestone protects the site under it from erosion
P1266097 P1266099 P1266100 P1266101
P1266102 P1266103 P1266104   This hike involves much ledgewalking P1266106
P1266107 P1266108 P1266109 P1266110
P1266111 P1266112 P1266113 P1266114
P1266115 P1266116 P1266118 P1266120
P1266122   This difficult stretch requires using the tree to climb P1266123 P1266124 P1266125
P1266127 P1266128 P1266129 P1266130   Time for a break under a spectacular formation
P1266131 P1266132 P1266134 P1266135
P1266137 P1266138 P1266139 P1266141
P1266142 P1266143 P1266144 P1266145
P1266146 P1266147 P1266148 P1266149
P1266150 P1266151 P1266152 P1266153
P1266154 P1266155 P1266156 P1266157
P1266159 P1266160   We have to make it through this narrow squeeze P1266161 P1266163
P1266165 P1266166 P1266167 P1266168
P1266169 P1266170 P1266171 P1266172
P1266173 P1266174 P1266175 P1266176   time for lunch!
P1266178 P1266179 P1266181 P1266182
P1266183 P1266184   yes, we're about to make it down this P1266185 P1266186
P1266187 P1266188 P1266190 P1266191
P1266192   finally, along this ledge and home P1266194 P1266195 P1266196
P1266197 P1266198 P1266200 P1266201