Mingus Mountain Loop Oct 12

Three public trails combine to form a loop around the mountaintop. The starting point is at the top of the ridge near the radio towers.
PA020548   MINGUS MOUNTAIN LOOP PA020550   Unseasonably hot and hazy weather today PA020551 PA020552   A controlled burn near Flagstaff has left some haze in the air PA020553   The loop begins with a steep 400' descent PA020554
PA020555 PA020557 PA020558 PA020559 PA020560 PA020561   The trail levels out as we come around to the shadier side of the mountain
PA020562 PA020563 PA020564   A large hedgehog cactus PA020565 PA020566   We face the last steep uphill before lunch PA020567
PA020569   See what happens when I apply the Photoshop CS5 Air Quality Lie Like Hell Tool? PA020571 PA020572 PA020573   Aspen fall color now below 8000 ft! PA020574 PA020575
PA020576 PA020578 PA020579 PA020581   Time for a hard-earned lunch PA020582 PA020585
PA020586   At the top of old Mingus, we head for the glider launch area PA020587 PA020588 PA020589 PA020590 PA020591
PA020592 PA020593   Hang glider crews vainly wait for favorable winds PA020594 PA020596   A ranger explains the launch area protocol PA020597 PA020600
PA020601 PA020602 PA020603   Glider crews and their dogs PA020604 PA020605 PA020606   Fall amaranthus proliferates this year