Mitten Ridge Mar 12

Overlooking Schnebly Hill
P3066969   MITTEN RIDGE From the Huckaby trailhead P3066971   geoege leads, and explains P3066973   Our objective is the formation in the distance P3066974
P3066975   First, we take the Munds Wagon Trail directly up Schnebly Hill P3066976 P3066977   A double window P3066979
P3066980 P3066981 P3066982 P3066983
P3066984 P3066985 P3066986 P3066987
P3066988 P3066989 P3066990   Our first break spot, still in the wash. Whose tracks? P3066991
P3066992 P3066993 P3066994 P3066995
P3066996 P3066997 P3066998 P3066999
P3067001 P3067002 P3067003   Starting the climb up Mitten Ridge P3067004
P3067005 P3067006   Halfway up the Ridge P3067007 P3067008
P3067009 P3067010 P3067011 P3067012
P3067013 P3067014 P3067016 P3067017
P3067018 P3067019 P3067020 P3067021
P3067022 P3067023 P3067024 P3067025
P3067026 P3067027 P3067028 P3067029
P3067030 P3067031 P3067034 P3067035
P3067036 P3067037   On the saddle, searching for a lunch spot. The wind is starting to rise. P3067039 P3067040
P3067045 P3067046 P3067047 P3067048   Looking down the 89A route toward town
P3067049   MIdgley Bridge from the saddle P3067050 P3067051   Let's eat! P3067052
P3067053 P3067054 P3067055 P3067056
P3067057 P3067058 P3067059 P3067060   Looking upcanyon at the Fort Apache layer
P3067062   We are now working our way around the Mitten P3067063 P3067065 P3067066
P3067067 P3067068 P3067069 P3067070
P3067071 P3067072 P3067073 P3067074
P3067075 P3067076 P3067077 P3067078
P3067079 P3067080 P3067081 P3067082
P3067083 P3067084 P3067085 P3067086
P3067087 P3067088 P3067090 P3067092   Out of the shelter of the overhang, we are exposed to the wind again
P3067094   Jetta loses her har, and Yona jumps down to retrieve it P3067095 P3067101   Blowin' in the wind... P3067102   The hat is back!
P3067104   The wind is extremely stromg now, amplified by the ridge P3067107 P3067109 P3067112
P3067113 P3067114 P3067115 P3067116
P3067117 P3067118 P3067119 P3067122
P3067123 P3067124 P3067126 P3067127
P3067128 P3067129 P3067130 P3067131
P3067132 P3067133 P3067134