Mt Kendrick Sep 12

The trailhead is just off SR180 west of Flagstaff. The mountain is an old volcano next to the San Francisco Peaks.
P9270437   MOUNT KENDRICK P9270439 P9270441   A typical volcano profile: the slope steepens as we go up. The trail is on the south side. A better trail on the north side has been unusable since the Pumpkin Fire of 2000. P9270442 P9270443 P9270444
P9270445 P9270446 P9270447 P9270448 P9270449 P9270450
P9270452 P9270453 P9270454 P9270455 P9270456 P9270457
P9270458 P9270459 P9270460 P9270461 P9270462 P9270463
P9270464 P9270465   Amaranthus, a colorful grain P9270466 P9270467 P9270468 P9270470   Looking south over Government Flat
P9270471   Above 9000 ft, we have to stop more often... P9270472 P9270474 the slope steepens P9270475   At this altitude, aspen is the first tree to turn color at this early date P9270477   Ponderosa P9270478   Many trees in this area have been lost to the bark beetle
P9270479 P9270480 P9270481 P9270482 P9270483 P9270484
P9270485 P9270486 P9270487 P9270488 P9270489 P9270490
P9270491   At 10,000 ft, a flat and a small cabin P9270492   Emergency equipment is maintained there for stranded hikers P9270493 P9270494 P9270495 P9270496
P9270497 P9270498 P9270499 P9270500   After the final push, we lunch on the summit helipad at 10,420 ft P9270501 P9270502
P9270503 P9270504 P9270505 P9270506 P9270507   Ther is a fire tower at the top, not manned at the moment P9270509
P9270510 P9270512 P9270513 P9270514   And we start back down.. P9270515 P9270516
P9270517 P9270518 P9270519 P9270520 P9270521 P9270522
P9270523 P9270524 P9270525 P9270526 P9270527 P9270528
P9270530 P9270531 P9270533 P9270534 P9270535 P9270536
P9270537 P9270538 P9270539 P9270540 P9270541 P9270542
P9270543 P9270544 P9270547