Old Caves Crater Jul 12

A small cinder cone on the east side of the San Francisco Peaks
P7199808   OLD CAVES CRATER Circumnavigation trail P7199809 P7199810   We're walking in cinder lava almost as fine as sand P7199811 P7199812 P7199813   Sarah gets close for a flower shot
P7199814 P7199815 P7199816   At this fork we choose to go around, instead of to the summit P7199817 P7199818 P7199820
P7199821 P7199822 P7199823 P7199824 P7199826 P7199828
P7199830 P7199831 P7199832 P7199834 P7199835   Coming around the peak to the Doney Park side, it gets steeper P7199836
P7199837 P7199838 P7199839   A dusty mullein P7199840 P7199841 P7199842
P7199843 P7199845