Parson Spring Mar 12

Up Sycamore Creek from near Tuzigoot to the spring that feeds the creek
P3137154   PARSON SPRING P3137156 P3137157   The first section of thisbtrail leads steeply down to Sycamore Creek P3137158
P3137159 P3137160   The old gate P3137161 P3137162
P3137163 P3137164 P3137165 P3137166
P3137167 P3137168 P3137169 P3137170
P3137171 P3137172 P3137173 P3137174
P3137175 P3137176   Columnar basalt up on the rimrock P3137177 P3137179
P3137181 P3137183 P3137184 P3137186
P3137187 P3137189 P3137190 P3137191
P3137192 P3137193 P3137194   Watercress P3137197
P3137198 P3137200 P3137201 P3137202
P3137204 P3137205   The swimming hole, at a sharp bend in the creek P3137207 P3137208
P3137211 P3137213 P3137214 P3137215   We pause for a break after the first big water crossing
P3137216 P3137217 P3137218 P3137219
P3137220 P3137221 P3137222 P3137223
P3137224 P3137225 P3137226 P3137227
P3137229 P3137230   The ledge with the air step P3137231 P3137232
P3137234 P3137235 P3137236 P3137237
P3137238 P3137239 P3137242 P3137243
P3137244 P3137245 P3137246 P3137248
P3137249 P3137250   We reach Parson Spring. Here, millions of gallons of water seep out from under a half mile of cliffs. P3137251   Lunch break P3137253
P3137255 P3137256 P3137257 P3137258
P3137262 P3137263 P3137264 P3137265
P3137266 P3137270 P3137271 P3137272
P3137273 P3137274 P3137275 P3137277
P3137278 P3137279 P3137280 P3137281
P3137283 P3137284 P3137286 P3137288
P3137289 P3137290 P3137292 P3137293
P3137295 P3137297 P3137299 P3137300
P3137301 P3137304 P3137308 P3137309
P3137311 P3137312 P3137313 P3137314
P3137317 P3137318 P3137320