Soldier Pass Heights Apr 12

High on the ridge above Soldier Pass
P4037667   SOLDIER PASS SIGHTS P4037668   We first hike up the long wash to Seven Pools P4037669 P4037670
P4037671 P4037672   A side diversion up one wall of the drainage P4037673 P4037674
P4037675 P4037676 P4037678 P4037679
P4037680   The first cave P4037682 P4037684 P4037685
P4037687 P4037689 P4037690 P4037691
P4037692 P4037694 P4037696 P4037697
P4037698 P4037699   Continuing around the heights P4037700 P4037702
P4037704 P4037705   A hedgehog in bloom P4037706 P4037707
P4037708 P4037709 P4037710 P4037711
P4037712 P4037713 P4037715   We encounter a ruin with richly tinted rock art P4037716
P4037717 P4037718 P4037720 P4037721
P4037722 P4037723 P4037724 P4037725
P4037726 P4037727 P4037728 P4037729
P4037730 P4037731 P4037733 P4037734
P4037736 P4037738 P4037740 P4037741
P4037742 P4037743 P4037744 P4037745
P4037746 P4037748 P4037749 P4037750
P4037751 P4037752 P4037753 P4037754
P4037755 P4037756 P4037757 P4037758
P4037760 P4037761 P4037762 P4037763
P4037764   Cryptobiotic crust P4037765 P4037766 P4037767   As we make the turn down into the Soldier Pass drainage, Bell Rock is briefly visible
P4037768 P4037769 P4037771 P4037772
P4037773 P4037774 P4037775 P4037776