Steamboat Rock Jan 12

The rock that dominates thee skyline looking north from uptown Sedona
P1055683   STEAMBOAT ROCK Including Wilson Canyon P1055685   Starting from the Midgley trailhead P1055686 P1055690
P1055691 P1055693 P1055694 P1055695   We make a brief morning break vist to Wilson Canyon
P1055697 P1055698 P1055699 P1055700
P1055702 P1055703   Then we head for Steamboat via the Jim Thompson P1055704 P1055705
P1055706 P1055708 P1055710 P1055711
P1055712 P1055713 P1055715 P1055716
P1055717 P1055719 P1055720 P1055721
P1055722 P1055724 P1055725 P1055726
P1055727 P1055729 P1055730 P1055732
P1055733 P1055734 P1055736 P1055737
P1055738 P1055740 P1055742 P1055743
P1055744 P1055746 P1055747 P1055749
P1055750 P1055751 P1055752 P1055753
P1055754 P1055755 P1055761 P1055763
P1055764 P1055765 P1055766 P1055767
P1055768 P1055769 P1055770 P1055771
P1055773 P1055775 P1055776 P1055777
P1055778 P1055780 P1055782 P1055785
P1055786 P1055787 P1055788 P1055789