Sterling Pass Apr 12

A climb up the west side of Oak Creek Canyon, over the pass, and a visit to the Vultee memorial and natural arch
P4198056   STERLING PASS VULTEE ARCH P4198057   The Sterling Pass trail starts steeply from Oak Creek Canyon P4198058 P4198059
P4198060 P4198062   Setting up the GPS units P4198063 P4198064
P4198065 P4198066 P4198068 P4198069
P4198070 P4198071 P4198072 P4198073
P4198075 P4198076 P4198077 P4198078
P4198079 P4198080 P4198081 P4198082
P4198085   See the tiny white cross on the upper left face just above the projecting slope? P4198086 P4198087 P4198088
P4198089 P4198091 P4198092 P4198093
P4198094 P4198095 P4198096 P4198097
P4198098 P4198099 P4198101 P4198102
P4198104 P4198105 P4198106 P4198107
P4198108 P4198109 P4198110 P4198111
P4198112 P4198113 P4198114 P4198115
P4198116 P4198117 P4198118 P4198119
P4198120 P4198121 P4198122 P4198123
P4198124 P4198125 P4198126 P4198128
P4198129 P4198130 P4198131 P4198132
P4198133 P4198134 P4198135 P4198136
P4198138 P4198140 P4198142 P4198143
P4198144 P4198145 P4198146 P4198147
P4198148 P4198149 P4198150 P4198151
P4198152 P4198153 P4198155 P4198156
P4198157 P4198159 P4198160 P4198161
P4198162 P4198163 P4198164 P4198165