Telephone Trail Sep 12

Starting from 89A midway up Oak Creek Canyon
P9060035   TELEPHONE TRAIL P9060036 P9060038 P9060039 P9060040 P9060041
P9060042 P9060043 P9060044 P9060045 P9060046 P9060047
P9060048   The trail climbs steeply, following this old telephone line P9060049 P9060050 P9060051 P9060052 P9060053
P9060055 P9060056 P9060057   Windows in a limestone layer P9060058 P9060059 P9060060
P9060061 P9060062 P9060063 P9060065 P9060066 P9060067
P9060069   The wet monsoon has brought mushrooms P9060070 P9060071 P9060072 P9060073 P9060074
P9060075 P9060076   On top at last! P9060077 P9060078 P9060079 P9060080