Templeton Trail Sep 12

On the west side of Hwy 179 norrth of Bell Rock
P9250372   TEMPLETON TRAIL Starting from the Courthouse Vista trailhead P9250374 P9250375 P9250376   Heading west, we pass under SR179 P9250377 P9250378
P9250379 P9250380 P9250381 P9250382 P9250383 P9250384
P9250385 P9250386 P9250387 P9250388 P9250389 P9250390
P9250391   We start to get good views of  Cathedral P9250394 P9250397 P9250398 P9250399 P9250401
P9250403 P9250405 P9250407 P9250408 P9250409 P9250410
P9250413 P9250414 P9250416 P9250417 P9250418   We can see Rabbit Ears from here P9250419
P9250420 P9250421 P9250422 P9250423 P9250424 P9250425
P9250426 P9250427 P9250428 P9250429 P9250430 P9250431
P9250432 P9250433   Trail sign on the underpass P9250434 P9250435 P9250436