The Mushroom Nov 12

A side hike from Boynton Canyon
PB011429   THE MUSHROOM PB011431   Bear warnings are out this fall PB011432   Up the public trail into Boynton, past The Enchantment PB011433
PB011434 PB011435 PB011436 PB011437
PB011438 PB011439 PB011440 PB011441   We turn off the public trail
PB011442 PB011443 PB011444 PB011445
PB011446 PB011447 PB011448 PB011449
PB011450 PB011453 PB011455 PB011456
PB011458 PB011459 PB011460 PB011461
PB011462 PB011463 PB011464 PB011466   Giant manzanita
PB011467 PB011468 PB011469 PB011470
PB011471 PB011472 PB011473 PB011474
PB011475   On our way up to the seond bench PB011476 PB011477 PB011479
PB011480   A side trip to the ruins PB011481 PB011482 PB011483
PB011484 PB011485 PB011486   Inching along a narrow limestone band PB011487
PB011489 PB011490 PB011491 PB011493
PB011494 PB011495 PB011496 PB011497
PB011499 PB011500   The first ruin, built in an ideal defensive position PB011501 PB011502
PB011504 PB011506 PB011508 PB011510
PB011511 PB011512 PB011514 PB011515   Heading for the second ruin
PB011516 PB011517 PB011518 PB011519
PB011520 PB011521   Viga poles are still in place here PB011522 PB011523
PB011524 PB011526 PB011528 PB011529
PB011530 PB011531 PB011532 PB011533
PB011534 PB011535   Now we can see the Mushroom PB011536 PB011537
PB011538 PB011539   Climbing a narrow chute PB011541 PB011542
PB011543 PB011544 PB011546 PB011547
PB011548   On top! Time for lunch. PB011549 PB011550 PB011551   It's been a long morning
PB011552 PB011553 PB011554 PB011555
PB011556 PB011557 PB011559 PB011561
PB011562 PB011563 PB011565 PB011566
PB011567 PB011569   We take a side trip to see the Seven Canyons overlook PB011570 PB011571
PB011572 PB011574 PB011575   Liberty Bell PB011576   Seven Canyons
PB011577 PB011578 PB011579 PB011580
PB011581 PB011582 PB011583 PB011586   Heading down...
PB011587 PB011588 PB011589 PB011590
PB011591 PB011592 PB011593 PB011594
PB011595 PB011596   The midway bench PB011597 PB011598
PB011599 PB011600 PB011603 PB011604
PB011605 PB011606 PB011607 PB011608
PB011609 PB011610 PB011611 PB011612
PB011613 PB011615 PB011616 PB011617   Back on the public trail
PB011618 PB011619 PB011620 PB011621
PB011622 PB011623