Twin Buttes Feb 12

A hike in the Red Rock Chapel area
P2216538   TWIN BUTTES Start at the Mystic trailhead P2216539   We first cross in fromt of the Buttes, paralleling 179 P2216541 P2216542
P2216543 P2216544 P2216545 P2216546
P2216548 P2216549 P2216550 P2216551
P2216552 P2216553 P2216554 P2216555
P2216557 P2216558 P2216559 P2216560
P2216561 P2216562 P2216563 P2216564
P2216565 P2216566 P2216567   A twisted cypress bridging a wash P2216569
P2216570 P2216572 P2216573 P2216574
P2216576   A snack on the Saddle, with a view of the Chapel P2216577 P2216579 P2216580   A view of Bell Rock
P2216581 P2216582 P2216583 P2216585
P2216586 P2216587 P2216588 P2216589
P2216590 P2216591 P2216592   Staying on ledges, we pass close above the Broken Arrow trailhead P2216593
P2216594   Here is a live twisty cypress P2216597 P2216598 P2216599
P2216600 P2216603 P2216604 P2216605   Crossing the jeep road
P2216606   And into the Submarine P2216607 P2216608 P2216609
P2216612 P2216613 P2216614 P2216615   The Submarine is a good place for lunch
P2216616 P2216617 P2216618 P2216619
P2216620 P2216621 P2216622 P2216623   The air step on the way down
P2216625 P2216627 P2216628 P2216630
P2216631 P2216633 P2216634   Chicken Point... P2216635
P2216636   ...The Nuns P2216638 P2216640 P2216641
P2216642   Returning to Mystic past the Chapel P2216643 P2216644 P2216645
P2216646 P2216647   Not much room for tour buses here P2216648 P2216649
P2216650   The 'mystery house' P2216652 P2216653