Twisted Sister Nov 12

A loop around the Seven Sisters heights, starting on Verde Valley School Rd
PB292034   TWISTED SISTER PB292035 PB292036   From VVS Road, we climb directly up to the trail near Castle Rock PB292037
PB292038 PB292040 PB292041 PB292042
PB292043 PB292044 PB292045 PB292046
PB292047 PB292048 PB292049 PB292050
PB292051 PB292053   Looking out over Village of Oak Creek PB292057 PB292059
PB292060 PB292061   We climb steeply up to the saddle between Castle Rock and the Sisters PB292062 PB292063
PB292064 PB292065 PB292067   After a brief rest on the saddle... PB292069's off to the Diving Board
PB292070 PB292071 PB292072 PB292073
PB292074   The Diving Board offers the closest views of VOC PB292075 PB292077 PB292079
PB292080 PB292081 PB292083   This house is directly below us PB292086
PB292087 PB292088 PB292090 PB292091
PB292092   Heading northward along the SR179 side of the Sisters PB292094 PB292095 PB292096
PB292097 PB292098 PB292099 PB292100
PB292101 PB292102 PB292103 PB292104
PB292106 PB292107 PB292108 PB292109
PB292110 PB292111 PB292114 PB292115   Views of Gibraltar...
PB292116   ...Courthouse Butte... PB292117   ...and Bell Rock PB292118 PB292121   Rabbit Ears
PB292122 PB292123 PB292124 PB292125   Coming around to the Cathedral side
PB292126 PB292127 PB292128   A good spot for lunch PB292129
PB292130 PB292131   Bikers pioneered this trail PB292132 PB292133
PB292135 PB292136 PB292137   Finally, we cover the last quarter circuit of the Sisters PB292138
PB292139 PB292140 PB292141 PB292142
PB292143 PB292144 PB292146 PB292147
PB292148 PB292149 PB292150 PB292151