West Fork Jun 12

A summer visit to the narrow canyon filled with lushness and trees
P6048737   WEST FORK P6048738   From inside the old ranch root cellar P6048739   The chicken coop P6048740
P6048741 P6048742   Onc e across the Oak Creek footbridge, we enter the canyon, which is a tributary of Oak Creek P6048743 P6048744
P6048745 P6048746 P6048747 P6048748
P6048749 P6048750 P6048751 P6048752
P6048753 P6048754 P6048755 P6048756
P6048757 P6048758 P6048759 P6048760
P6048761 P6048762 P6048763 P6048764
P6048765 P6048766 P6048767 P6048768
P6048769 P6048770 P6048771 P6048772
P6048773 P6048774 P6048775 P6048776
P6048777 P6048778 P6048779 P6048781
P6048782 P6048783 P6048784 P6048785
P6048786 P6048787 P6048788 P6048789
P6048790 P6048792 P6048793 P6048794
P6048795 P6048796 P6048797 P6048798
P6048799 P6048800 P6048802 P6048803
P6048804 P6048805 P6048806 P6048808
P6048809 P6048810 P6048811 P6048812
P6048813 P6048814 P6048815 P6048816
P6048817 P6048818 P6048819