Wet Beaver Mar 12

Starting at the Bell Trailhead, on Wet Beaver Creek. The name refers to perennial water in this spring-fed creek.
P3227584   WET BEAVER CREEK P3227585 P3227586 P3227587
P3227588 P3227592 P3227593 P3227594
P3227596   The Weir Trail gauging station, midway, is our morning break P3227598 P3227599 P3227600
P3227601 P3227602 P3227603 P3227604
P3227606 P3227607 P3227608 P3227609
P3227610 P3227611   This zipline is used for running a crewman out to gauge the depth of the pool P3227612 P3227614
P3227615 P3227616 P3227618 P3227619
P3227620 P3227622 P3227623 P3227624
P3227625 P3227627 P3227628 P3227629
P3227630   Approaching "The Crack" for us, the end of the trail P3227632 P3227633   This is a swimming hole and the point where the Bell Trail first crosses the creek P3227634
P3227635 P3227636 P3227637 P3227638
P3227640 P3227641 P3227643 P3227644
P3227645 P3227646 P3227647 P3227648
P3227649   A two-foot trout P3227652 P3227656 P3227657
P3227658 P3227659 P3227660 P3227661
P3227662 P3227663   Another hiker, not in our party, carries a serval on her hike P3227664   This is an Egyptian spotted cat