Wet Beaver Sep 12

A rainy day on Wet Beaver Creek, off FR 168 toward Camp Verde
P9110082   WET BEAVER A rainy day P9110083   This tie, we take the Bruce Brockett Trail from one valley over P9110084 P9110086   Junction with the Bell Trail P9110087 P9110088
P9110089   This is the last heavy monsoon day of the season, and it will be like this all day P9110090 P9110091 P9110092   The petroglyph rock P9110093 P9110094   The heavy monsoon seaosn has brought out flowers
P9110095 P9110096 P9110097 P9110098 P9110099 P9110100
P9110101   Break time, at one of the large pools on the creek P9110102 P9110103 P9110104 P9110105 P9110106
P9110108 P9110109 P9110110 P9110111 P9110112 P9110113   The pit house ruin
P9110114 P9110115 P9110116 P9110117 P9110118 P9110119
P9110120 P9110121   The second measuring station, with its research zipline P9110123 P9110124 P9110125 P9110126
P9110127 P9110128   The intrusion diike P9110129 P9110130 P9110131 P9110132
P9110133   Lunchtime, but now it's starting to rain P9110134 P9110135 P9110136 P9110137 P9110138