Willow Lake May 12

A small lake near Prescott
P5248453   WILLOW LAKE P5248454 P5248455 P5248456
P5248457   Willow Lake is at the edge of the Grandite Dells outcropping P5248459   An unusual brightly colored lizard P5248462 P5248465
P5248467 P5248468 P5248469 P5248470   Our first sight of the lake
P5248471   The boundary between granite and flatland passes right through the lake P5248472 P5248473 P5248474
P5248475 P5248476 P5248477   This small creek has a rich profusion of life P5248478
P5248479 P5248481   A very large frog P5248483 P5248485
P5248486 P5248487   Near an arm of the lake, huge cottonwoods with nesting cormorants P5248488 P5248489
P5248490 P5248491 P5248492 P5248493
P5248494 P5248496 P5248497 P5248500
P5248501 P5248502   Planning a diversion to the bird trees P5248503 P5248504
P5248505 P5248506 P5248507 P5248508
P5248509 P5248510 P5248511 P5248512
P5248513 P5248514 P5248516 P5248519
P5248520 P5248521 P5248524 P5248525   INdian paintbrush
P5248527   Thistle P5248528 P5248530