Woods Canyon Oct 12

Starting from the Village of Oak Creek Ranger Station and Visitor Center
PA301380   WOODS CANYON PA301381   This ditch can be impassable during snowmelt PA301382 PA301383
PA301384 PA301386 PA301387 PA301389
PA301390 PA301391 PA301392 PA301393
PA301394 PA301395   This trail goes across the mesa saddle to Jacks Canyon PA301396 PA301397
PA301398 PA301400 PA301401 PA301402
PA301403 PA301404 PA301405 PA301406
PA301407 PA301408 PA301409 PA301411
PA301412 PA301413 PA301414 PA301415
PA301416 PA301418 PA301419 PA301420
PA301421 PA301422 PA301423 PA301424
PA301425 PA301427 PA301428