Yeager Canyon May 12

On the west side of Mingus Mountain, accessible through the pass from Jerome
P5088302   YEAGER CANYON This year's last hike of the regular season P5088303   Flowers are still in bloom, at this location on the west side of Mingus Mountain P5088306   We hike a large clockwise loop, starting uphill along the wash P5088307
P5088308 P5088309   The old bridge on the wash P5088310 P5088311
P5088312 P5088313   We are now starting to get views west into Prescott Valley P5088315 P5088316
P5088317 P5088318 P5088319 P5088320
P5088321 P5088322 P5088323 P5088324   At the top of the hill, morning break
P5088325 P5088326 P5088327 P5088328
P5088329 P5088330 P5088331 P5088332
P5088333 P5088334 P5088335 P5088336
P5088337 P5088338 P5088339 P5088341
P5088342 P5088343 P5088344 P5088345
P5088346 P5088347 P5088348 P5088349
P5088350 P5088351 P5088352 P5088353   We use a short distance on this jeep road to connect...
P5088354 P5088356 the final trail segment leading back P5088358 P5088359
P5088360 P5088361 P5088362 P5088364
P5088365 P5088366 P5088367 P5088368
P5088369 P5088370 P5088371