A B Young Trail Oct 13

This trail high in Oak Creek Canyon, runs up to the Vultee crash site and fire lookout on the Mogollon Rim
PA177315   A B YOUNG TRAIL To the Vultee crash site PA177316   We're starting at Junipine, where Oak Creek is bridged PA177317 PA177318
PA177321 PA177323 PA177324 PA177325
PA177326   Watch the low power line! PA177327 PA177329 PA177330
PA177331   We have a climb to the rim ahead PA177332 PA177333 PA177334
PA177335 PA177337 PA177338   We start a series of switchbacks here, with a deteriorating trail PA177339
PA177340   Looking down Oak Creek Canyon. The West Fork orchard is visible here. PA177341 PA177342 PA177343
PA177345 PA177346 PA177347 PA177348
PA177349 PA177350   Landslides are now visible on the other side. PA177351 PA177352
PA177353 PA177354 PA177355   We made the ridge! Time for break, and then across rolling country to the fire lookout. PA177356
PA177357 PA177358 PA177359 PA177360
PA177361 PA177363 PA177365 PA177366
PA177368 PA177369 PA177370 PA177371
PA177372 PA177373 PA177374 PA177375
PA177376 PA177377 PA177378 PA177379
PA177380 PA177381 PA177382 PA177383
PA177384 PA177385 PA177386 PA177388
PA177389   Now to head for the crash site on the rim. PA177390 PA177391 PA177392
PA177393 PA177394   Getting some fall color at 7200' PA177395 PA177396
PA177398   Lots of flowers left after our rainy monsoon PA177399   The crash site memorial PA177400   Not much is left of the aircraft PA177401
PA177402 PA177403 PA177404 PA177405
PA177407 PA177409   A short distance away on the rim, a spectacular lunch spot PA177410 PA177411
PA177412 PA177413   Huge blocks of rock are sagging off the edge PA177414 PA177416
PA177417 PA177418 PA177419 PA177420
PA177421 PA177422   A hedgehog cactus PA177423 PA177424
PA177425 PA177426 PA177428 PA177429
PA177430   We make our way back... PA177431 PA177432 PA177433
PA177435   ...pausing at the lookout once more PA177436 PA177437 PA177438   Returning down the switchbacks
PA177439 PA177440 PA177441 PA177442
PA177443 PA177444 PA177445   Approaching Junipine, we're back in the riparian forest PA177446
PA177447   A pause to soak feet PA177448 PA177449 PA177450
PA177451 PA177452   The Purtymun cabin, still preserved at Junipine PA177453 PA177454
PA177455 PA177456 PA177457 PA177458