Around Cathedral Rock Dec 13

PC319429   AROUND CATHEDRAL ROCK PC319430   STarting from Bacl O-Beyond Trailhead PC319432 PC319433
PC319434   First, directly up the front face PC319435 PC319436 PC319438
PC319440 PC319441   Looking back at the parking area from halfway up PC319442 PC319443   Now it's geting syeep...
PC319444 PC319445 PC319447 PC319448
PC319449 PC319451 PC319452 PC319453
PC319454 PC319455 PC319456 PC319459
PC319460 PC319461 PC319462   Courthouse Butte in the distance PC319463
PC319465 PC319471 PC319472 PC319473
PC319474 PC319475   We're now on the upper saddle PC319477 PC319480
PC319481 PC319485 PC319484 PC319488
PC319491 PC319492   From here, we traverse around to the back side PC319493 PC319494
PC319495 PC319496 PC319497   Moving still higher... PC319498   A basalt intrusion dike. Magma pushinh under the whole Cathedral llifted it, then squeezed into cracks that formed.
PC319500 PC319502 PC319503 PC319505
PC319506 PC319509 PC319514 PC319516
PC319517 PC319519 PC319520 PC319522
PC319523 PC319524 PC319525 PC319529
PC319530 PC319532 PC319533 PC319534
PC319536 PC319537 PC319538 PC319540
PC319542 PC319543 PC319544 PC319545
PC319547 PC319550 PC319551 PC319552   Here is where we go up to the highest point
PC319553 PC319554 PC319557 PC319558
PC319559 PC319561 PC319562 PC319564
PC319566 PC319567 PC319568   At this highest point we can reach, we take a morning break PC319569   ...with cookies
PC319570   We are now even with the top of the Lollipops PC319572 PC319575 PC319576
PC319578 PC319579   Heading back down... PC319582 PC319584
PC319585   From here, we continue going around Cathedral clickwise PC319587 PC319588 PC319591
PC319592 PC319593 PC319595 PC319597
PC319598 PC319599 PC319601 PC319602
PC319604 PC319605 PC319606 PC319607
PC319609   ...To thwe Baldwin Trail, which takes us to the Island PC319611 PC319612 PC319613
PC319614 PC319615 PC319616 PC319618
PC319619   ...Where we have lunch PC319620 PC319622 PC319623   We continue up Oak Creek  back past Cathedral on its west wide
PC319624   Sycamores PC319625 PC319627 PC319628
PC319629 PC319630 PC319631 PC319632
PC319634   Back on the front side of Cathedral, and back. PC319636 PC319637