Carroll Canyon Oct 13

The trail starts right behind Sedoana Recycles
PA017026   CARROLL CANYON PA017028 PA017029   First we cross some flat ground... PA017030
PA017031 PA017033 PA017034   ...Then we descend into Carroll Canyon, full of large boulders and dropoffs PA017037
PA017038 PA017040 PA017041 PA017042
PA017043 PA017044 PA017046 PA017047
PA017048 PA017049 PA017050 PA017051
PA017052 PA017053 PA017054 PA017055   A r3eflecting pool
PA017057 PA017058 PA017059 PA017060   The wash starts to flatten out, and we take a left turn uphill
PA017061 PA017062 PA017063 PA017065
PA017066 PA017067 PA017068 PA017069
PA017070   This brings us to the heights above Oak Creek PA017071 PA017072 PA017073
PA017074 PA017075 PA017076   At REd Rock Crossing, we descend to the creek PA017077
PA017078 PA017079 PA017080 PA017081
PA017082   In the State Park, one short stretch of road PA017083 PA017085 PA017086   Oak Creek is higyer than normal because of all the late summer rain
PA017087 PA017088 PA017089 PA017090
PA017091 PA017092 PA017093   Ocotillo are already leafing out! PA017094
PA017095 PA017096 PA017097 PA017098   A view of Courthouse and Bell
PA017099   We climb to the ridge and head back PA017100 PA017101 PA017102
PA017104 PA017105 PA017106 PA017107
PA017108 PA017109 PA017110 PA017111
PA017112   New storm drain culverts at Shelby Rd. PA017113