Cathedral Rock Napoleons Tomb Feb 13

A circumnaigation of Cathedral Rock with a visit to Napoleon's Tomb
P2283924   CATHEDRAL ROCK NAPOLEON'S TOMB P2283925 P2283926 P2283928
P2283930   Strtaing up toward the Hiline Trail P2283934 P2283935 P2283936
P2283937 P2283939   Napoleon's Tomb, a classic hoodoo P2283940 P2283941   The 'tomb' is a piece of the Fort Apache layer
P2283944 P2283945 P2283946 P2283948   Views of the back valley of Village of Oak Creek
P2283949 P2283950 P2283952 P2283953
P2283954 P2283955 P2283956 P2283957   We're higher up on Cathedral than usual
P2283960 P2283961 P2283963 P2283964
P2283965 P2283966 P2283967 P2283968
P2283969 P2283971 P2283972 P2283973
P2283974 P2283975 P2283976 P2283977
P2283978 P2283979 P2283980 P2283981
P2283983   A break before we cross the Cathedral saddle P2283984 P2283985 P2283986
P2283988 P2283989 P2283990 P2283991
P2283992 P2283993 P2283994 P2283995
P2283996 P2283998 P2283999 P2284000
P2284002 P2284003 P2284004 P2284005
P2284007 P2284008 P2284009 P2284010   Some snow remains on the north faces of rocks
P2284011 P2284013 P2284014 P2284015
P2284016   Passing the fromt of Cathedral... P2284017 P2284018 P2284019
P2284020 P2284021 P2284023 P2284024
P2284025 P2284026 P2284027 P2284028
P2284029 P2284030 P2284031 P2284034
P2284035 P2284036 P2284037 P2284038
P2284039 P2284041 P2284042 P2284044
P2284045   We descend to OAk Creek and rejoin the public trail P2284047 P2284048 P2284049
P2284050 P2284051 P2284052 P2284053
P2284054 P2284055 P2284057 P2284058   The 'island' with its water view of Cathedal
P2284059 P2284062 P2284064 P2284065
P2284066 P2284067 P2284068 P2284069
P2284070 P2284073 P2284074