Cibola Heights Loop Feb 13

Starting from the Soldier Pass trailhead
P2193797   CIBOLA HEIGHTS LOOP P2193798 P2193799 P2193800   We head up a long wash running under the Heights
P2193801 P2193802 P2193803 P2193804
P2193806 P2193807 P2193808 P2193809
P2193810 P2193811 P2193812 P2193813   Taking the side trail to the arch
P2193814 P2193815 P2193816 P2193817
P2193818 P2193819 P2193820 P2193821
P2193822 P2193823 P2193825 P2193826   Exploring the arch
P2193827 P2193828 P2193829 P2193830
P2193831 P2193832 P2193834 P2193836
P2193838   This mkes a good break spot P2193839 P2193840 P2193841
P2193842 P2193843 P2193844 P2193846
P2193847 P2193848 P2193849 P2193850
P2193851 P2193852   Making our way up onto Brins Mesa P2193853 P2193854
P2193855 P2193856 P2193857 P2193858
P2193859 P2193861 P2193862 P2193863
P2193864 P2193865 P2193866 P2193867
P2193869 P2193871 P2193872 P2193873
P2193874 P2193875 P2193876 P2193877
P2193878   The east end of the Mesa is ideal for lunch P2193880 P2193881 P2193882
P2193883 P2193884 P2193885 P2193886   We sight a hawk!
P2193887 P2193888 P2193889 P2193890
P2193891 P2193892 P2193893 P2193895
P2193896 P2193897 P2193898 P2193899
P2193900 P2193901 P2193903   Heading down the starstep front side of Brins Mesa P2193904
P2193905 P2193906 P2193907 P2193908
P2193909 P2193910 P2193911 P2193912
P2193913 P2193915   Finally, we take the Cib ola Trail back to our starting point P2193916 P2193917
P2193918 P2193919 P2193920 P2193921
P2193922 P2193923