Damfino Crimson Cliffs Dec 13

Starting from the Huckaby trailhead on Schnebly Hill
PC269311   DAMFINO CRIMSON CLIFFS PC269313   First, up the Munds Wagon Trail... PC269314 PC269315
PC269316 PC269318   ...Then we turn right up a narrow wash PC269319   Climbing the steep north side of Damfino Saddle. PC269320
PC269321 PC269322 PC269323 PC269324
PC269325 PC269327 PC269328 PC269329
PC269330 PC269331 PC269332 PC269333
PC269334 PC269337 PC269338 PC269339
PC269340 PC269341 PC269342 PC269345
PC269346 PC269348 PC269349 PC269351
PC269352 PC269353 PC269354 PC269355
PC269356 PC269357 PC269358 PC269359   As we ascend, the views to the north open up.
PC269360 PC269361 PC269362 PC269363
PC269364 PC269365   Up on the saddle. This is agood time for a break. PC269366 PC269367
PC269368 PC269369 PC269371 PC269373
PC269375   This formation is the distant backside of Snoopy Rock PC269376   Now we can see south, across Submarine and Chicken Point PC269377   Battlement Mesa PC269378
PC269379   Those two ridges are what we are aiming for next, moving along the base of the rock we are on. PC269380 PC269381 PC269382   Comoing down the front side
PC269383 PC269384 PC269385 PC269387
PC269388 PC269389 PC269390   A cypress forest between the ridges PC269391
PC269392 PC269393 PC269394 PC269395   Moving along the top of a ridge
PC269396 PC269397 PC269398 PC269399
PC269401 PC269402 PC269403 PC269404
PC269405   Lunch, at a point farther along the base of the formation PC269406 PC269407 PC269408
PC269409 PC269410 PC269411 PC269412
PC269413 PC269414 PC269415 PC269417   Back on the trail again, a series of mountain lion tracks
PC269418 PC269419   We are now passing close to the Submarine, heading for Margs Draw PC269420   Bill & Monica Rock, behind Broken Arrow PC269421
PC269422 PC269423   Back along the public trail to our starting point. This will take us completely around Snoopy Rock. PC269424 PC269425