Fay Canyon Overlook

From the Bear Mountain trailhead
PC179171   FAY CANYON OVERLOOK PC179172   Bear Mountain ahead of us. We will climb the right side. PC179173 PC179174
PC179175 PC179177 PC179178 PC179180
PC179182 PC179183 PC179184 PC179185
PC179186 PC179187 PC179188 PC179189   View from the first bench, wher we start ouor traverse
PC179190 PC179191 PC179192 PC179193
PC179194 PC179195 PC179196 PC179197
PC179198 PC179199 PC179200 PC179201
PC179203 PC179204 PC179206 PC179207
PC179209 PC179211 PC179212 PC179213
PC179214 PC179215 PC179216 PC179217
PC179218 PC179219 PC179220   A deer footprint in mud, right on the trail PC179222
PC179225 PC179226 PC179227 PC179228   This is the overlook point, with Fay Canyon to the left
PC179230 PC179231   This is the upper part of Fay Canyon PC179232 PC179233
PC179234 PC179235 PC179236 PC179237   This is agood spot for lunch
PC179238 PC179239   Heading down to the bootleggers' cave PC179240   Down one level from the Overlook, the cave approach is a grassy ledge PC179242
PC179243 PC179244   This tub and barrel hoops are the only remnants of the bootlegging operation in the 1920s PC179245   The blackening tells us that a lot of first were built here PC179247
PC179248   A smaller cave farther alongthe ledge PC179250 PC179251   Bear scat - a large one PC179252
PC179253   After this point, the ledge gets narrow PC179255 PC179257 PC179259   This has been a hostorically dangerous spot for hikers, with almost 200 feet of exposure below
PC179262 PC179264 PC179265 PC179267
PC179268 PC179269 PC179270 PC179271
PC179272   Moss grows in the shadows PC179273 PC179275 PC179276
PC179277 PC179278 PC179281   Starting back... PC179282
PC179284 PC179286 PC179287 PC179288
PC179289 PC179290 PC179291 PC179293
PC179295 PC179296   Finally, a groupp shot PC179297 PC179298
PC179299 PC179300