Fayaway Sep 13

The heights above Fay Canyon
P9126377   FAYAWAY The heights above Fay Canyon P9126379 P9126381 P9126382
P9126383 P9126384 P9126385 P9126386
P9126387 P9126388   Just entering the Canyon itself. A side trip to the Fay Arch is a common option. P9126389 P9126390
P9126392 P9126393   The 2003 rockfall P9126394 P9126395
P9126397 P9126398 P9126399 P9126400   Note the view of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock through the opening
P9126401 P9126402 P9126403 P9126404   The first ruin
P9126405 P9126406 P9126407 P9126408
P9126409 P9126410 P9126411 P9126413
P9126415 P9126416 P9126417 P9126418
P9126419 P9126420 P9126421 P9126422
P9126423 P9126424 P9126425 P9126426
P9126427 P9126428 P9126429 P9126430
P9126432 P9126433 P9126435 P9126436
P9126437 P9126439 P9126440 P9126441   Around the corner to the point where we have to 'strap' up one pitch
P9126442 P9126444 P9126446 P9126448   The second ruin
P9126449 P9126450 P9126451 P9126452
P9126453 P9126454 P9126455 P9126456   Through the window, then around another corner
P9126458 P9126459 P9126460 P9126461   Our lunch ledge, high above the Canyon
P9126462 P9126463 P9126464 P9126465
P9126466 P9126467 P9126468 P9126469
P9126471 P9126472 P9126473 P9126474
P9126475 P9126476 P9126477 P9126478
P9126479 P9126480 P9126481 P9126482
P9126483 P9126484 P9126485 P9126486
P9126487 P9126488 P9126490 P9126491
P9126492 P9126493   The most difficult part of the way down P9126494 P9126495   The third ruin
P9126496 P9126497 P9126498 P9126499
P9126500 P9126501 P9126502 P9126503
P9126506 P9126507 P9126508   On our way out, the Fay Canyon arch.