Grandmas Cave Sep 13

Starting from the Harding Springs trailhead opposite Cave Spring campground
P9266917   GRANDMA'S CAVE P9266918 P9266919 P9266920
P9266921   We climb the steep east side of Oak Creek Canyon P9266922 P9266923   A lookout point over Cookstove Canyon P9266924
P9266925 P9266927   The hitchrail for fire burros P9266928   On top! P9266929   The rainy summer has brought our flowers
P9266930 P9266932   A lookout point P9266934 P9266935
P9266936 P9266937 P9266938 P9266939
P9266940 P9266941 P9266943   Pausing for a GPS check P9266944
P9266945 P9266946 P9266947 P9266948
P9266949 P9266950 P9266951 P9266952
P9266953 P9266954 P9266955   We're now getting close to the cave P9266956
P9266957   The obscure and difficult side trail to the cave P9266958 P9266960 P9266961
P9266962 P9266963 P9266964 P9266965
P9266966 P9266967 P9266968 P9266969
P9266970 P9266971 P9266972 P9266973
P9266974 P9266975 P9266977   Founf it! Time for lunch. P9266978
P9266979 P9266980 P9266981 P9266982   Exploring the cave, which is the largest in Sedona
P9266983 P9266987 P9266988 P9266989
P9266992 P9266996 P9266998 P9266999
P9267000 P9267001 P9267002 P9267003
P9267004 P9267005 P9267006 P9267007
P9267008 P9267009 P9267010 P9267011
P9267012 P9267013 P9267014 P9267015
P9267016 P9267017 P9267018 P9267019
P9267020 P9267021 P9267022   Looking across the canyon at Baby Buggy P9267023