Grandview Trail Oct 13

This old, badly maintained trail from Grand Canyon South Rim leads to an old copper mine and a mesa overlooking the Colorado
PA247590   GRANDVIEW TRAIL PA247591   After a 3-hour drive to South Rim East, we starft down just after 9 am PA247592 PA247594
PA247596 PA247597   The first thousand feet is very steep, mostly on Parks Service constructed steps PA247598 PA247599
PA247601 PA247602 PA247603 PA247604
PA247605 PA247606 PA247607 PA247608
PA247609 PA247610 PA247611 PA247612
PA247613 PA247614 PA247615 PA247616
PA247618 PA247619 PA247620 PA247621   Near the bottom of this first leg, a portion of the original miners' corduroy trail
PA247622   THe 'photo tree' platform is our first rest stop PA247623 PA247624 PA247625
PA247627 PA247628 PA247629 PA247631
PA247632 PA247633   From here, a lesser slope on Horseshoe Mesa. Our first fall occurred at this slippery spot PA247634 PA247636
PA247637 PA247638 PA247639 PA247640
PA247641 PA247642 PA247643   We start to encounter huge rockfalls, over which a new trail has been precariously hacked out PA247644
PA247645 PA247646 PA247647 PA247648   The Last Chance copper mine is a breccia pipe that we now know also contains uranium.
PA247650 PA247651   Bunkhouse and kitchen facilities built for the miners PA247652 PA247653
PA247654 PA247655   From here we proceed to the end of Horseshoe mesa PA247656 PA247657
PA247658 PA247659 PA247660 PA247661
PA247662 PA247663 PA247664 PA247665
PA247666 PA247667   A specular view from the end of the mesa PA247668 PA247669
PA247670 PA247672   ...which includes one small segment of the Colorado River PA247673 PA247674
PA247675 PA247676 PA247677 PA247678
PA247679 PA247680 PA247681 PA247682
PA247683 PA247684 PA247685 PA247686
PA247687 PA247689   Heading back, we pass a raven perched on a yucca stem PA247690   A hedgehog cactus PA247691
PA247692 PA247693 PA247694 PA247695
PA247697 PA247698 PA247699 PA247700
PA247701 PA247703 PA247704 PA247706
PA247707 PA247708 PA247709 PA247710
PA247711 PA247712 PA247713 PA247714
PA247715   The topmost thousand feet is the hardest