Horse Mesa Nov 13

From the Jacks Canyon trailhead. Includes a visit to the Fortress.
PB077988   HORSE MESA A visit to the Fortress PB077990   Our start from Jacks Canyon trailhead PB077991 PB077992
PB077994   Climbing tyhe side of the Mesa... PB077995 PB077996 PB077997
PB077998 PB077999 PB078000   Views over Pine Valley and VOC PB078001
PB078002 PB078003 PB078004   We cross the mesa... PB078005
PB078006 PB078007 PB078008 PB078009
PB078010 PB078011 the Woods Canyon side PB078012 PB078013
PB078014 PB078015 PB078017 PB078018   The sun monument
PB078019 PB078020 PB078021 PB078022
PB078023 PB078024 PB078025 PB078026
PB078027 PB078028   The petroglyphs PB078029 PB078030
PB078032   Then we climb the Sinagua Fortress PB078033 PB078034 PB078035
PB078036 PB078037 PB078038 PB078039   The arch in the cliff is a granary
PB078040 PB078041 PB078042 PB078043
PB078044 PB078045 PB078046 PB078047
PB078048 PB078049   A well-earned lunch, and then we head back PB078050 PB078051
PB078052 PB078053