Ice Cream Cone Jan 13

A formation on one side of Long Canyon
P1103000   ICE CREAM CONE P1103001   Starting at the Long Canyon trailhead P1103002 P1103003
P1103004 P1103005 P1103006 P1103007   There is still two-week-old snow at the canyon bottom
P1103008 P1103009   An Arizona cypress P1103011 P1103012
P1103014   We turn right off the public trail P1103015 P1103016 P1103017
P1103018 P1103019 P1103020 P1103022
P1103023 P1103025   We are now nearing the base of the Cone P1103026 P1103027
P1103029 P1103030 P1103031 P1103032
P1103033 P1103034 P1103036 P1103037
P1103038 P1103040   Passing by the Cone P1103041 P1103042
P1103044   A steep scrmble up to the first ruin P1103045 P1103047 P1103048
P1103049 P1103050 P1103051 P1103052
P1103053 P1103054 P1103056 P1103057
P1103058 P1103059 P1103060 P1103061
P1103062 P1103063 P1103064 P1103065
P1103066 P1103067 P1103069 P1103070
P1103071 P1103072 P1103073 P1103074
P1103076 P1103077 P1103078 P1103079
P1103080 P1103081 P1103083   A good break spot P1103084
P1103085 P1103086 P1103087 P1103088
P1103089 P1103090 P1103091 P1103093
P1103094 P1103095 P1103097 P1103098
P1103099 P1103100 P1103101 P1103102
P1103103 P1103104 P1103105 P1103106   Cowboy caves
P1103107 P1103108   Cross-bedded sandstone P1103109 P1103110
P1103113 P1103114 P1103115 P1103116
P1103117 P1103118 P1103119   Lunch in the large bowl at the end of Long Canyon P1103120
P1103121   Climbing to the intact ruins at the top of the bowl requires this foothold ladder P1103122 P1103123   The high ruin P1103125
P1103126 P1103127 P1103128 P1103129
P1103130 P1103132 P1103133 P1103134
P1103135 P1103136   These asperatus clouds tell us that stormy wetehr is on the way P1103137 P1103138   Clouds like roling waves seen from underwater...
P1103139 P1103140   Back down into the canyon and the oublic trail P1103141 P1103142
P1103143 P1103144 P1103145 P1103146
P1103147 P1103148 P1103149 P1103150
P1103151   By now it has turned cold and windy, but no storm breaks P1103152 P1103153