Inner Basin Oct 13

Starting from Lockett's Meadow
PA037115   INNER BASIN PA037117 PA037118   The aspen forest at 8500 'is in full fall color PA037119
PA037120 PA037121 PA037122 PA037123
PA037124   This is a small corner of the Schultz burn three summers ago PA037125 PA037126 PA037127
PA037128 PA037129 PA037130 PA037131
PA037132 PA037133 PA037134 PA037135
PA037136 PA037137 PA037138 PA037139
PA037140 PA037142 PA037143 PA037144
PA037145 PA037146 PA037147 PA037148
PA037149 PA037150 PA037151 PA037152
PA037153 PA037156 PA037157 PA037158
PA037159 PA037160 PA037161 PA037162
PA037163 PA037164 PA037165 PA037166
PA037167 PA037168 PA037169 PA037170
PA037171 PA037172 PA037173 PA037174
PA037175 PA037176   Aspen are in color all the way up the slope PA037177 PA037178
PA037180 PA037181 PA037182   We approach the top of the forest... PA037183
PA037184 PA037185 PA037186 PA037187
PA037188 PA037190 PA037191 PA037192
PA037193 PA037194 PA037195 PA037197   As we take a break, mountain bikers pass by
PA037198 PA037200 PA037201 PA037203
PA037204 PA037205 PA037206 PA037207
PA037208 PA037209 PA037210 PA037211   This road servies the pumphouses in the open basin
PA037212 PA037213 PA037214   The lower pumphouse PA037215   The Inner Basin is the bowl between the San Francisco Peaks on the north side
PA037216 PA037217 PA037218 PA037219
PA037222 PA037223 PA037224 PA037225   The "bus shelter" next to the upper pumphouse, for sudden changes in the weatehr
PA037226 PA037227   The upper pumphouse draws water from a well for Flagstaff PA037228 PA037230   The city waterline, one of its main sources of water
PA037231 PA037232   We start back down a parallel side road PA037233 PA037234   In a sheltered pocket, the first snow of the season
PA037236 PA037238   Bark beetles have been working on this limb PA037239 PA037240
PA037241 PA037242 PA037244 PA037245
PA037246 PA037247 PA037249 PA037251