Loy Butte Nov 13

A side hike from Loy Canyon
PB218282   LOY BUTTE - Juniper berries are falling from frozen trees PB218283   The weather is dark and threatening rain PB218284 PB218286   To our left is a private ranch between Loy Canyon and Honanki Ruin
PB218287 PB218288 PB218290 PB218291
PB218292 PB218293 PB218294   We make our way up the public trail into Loy Canyon PB218295   Large manzanita
PB218296 PB218297 PB218298 PB218299
PB218300 PB218301   This is our landmark for starting up the butte PB218302 PB218303
PB218304 PB218305 PB218306 PB218307
PB218308   TYiny ferns PB218309 PB218310 PB218311
PB218313   Yp a difficult spot PB218315 PB218316 PB218317
PB218318 PB218319 PB218320 PB218321   Views of the canyon begin to open up
PB218322 PB218323 PB218324 PB218325
PB218326 PB218327 PB218329 PB218330
PB218331 PB218332 PB218333 PB218334
PB218335 PB218336 PB218337 PB218338
PB218339 PB218340 PB218341 PB218342
PB218343   We don't know what made this mark on the wall PB218344 PB218345 PB218346
PB218347 PB218348 PB218349   An extensive ruin at a good defensive point PB218350
PB218351   Looks like stucco! PB218352 PB218353 PB218354
PB218355 PB218356 PB218357 PB218358
PB218359 PB218360 PB218361 PB218362
PB218363 PB218364 PB218366 PB218367
PB218368 PB218370 tonemapped PB218371 PB218372
PB218373 PB218374 PB218375 PB218376
PB218377 PB218378 PB218379 PB218380
PB218381 PB218382 PB218383 PB218385
PB218386 PB218387   A lithops or a mushroom? PB218388 PB218390
PB218391   Up through a narrow slot onto the sadd PB218392 PB218393 PB218394
PB218395 PB218396   Up in the saddle, we see dinosaur tracks PB218397   ..from a lizard=sized creature that walked across soon-covered mud PB218398
PB218399 PB218400   The dinosaur tracks are in a little bowl of their own PB218401 PB218402
PB218403 PB218404 PB218405 PB218406   hewdhehog caxtus
PB218407 PB218408 PB218409 PB218410   The final climb to the saddle
PB218411 PB218412 PB218413   On the sheltered side of the saddle, we take a break PB218414   Looking down into the canyon for Honanki
PB218415 PB218416 PB218417   Now we work our way down canyon on the other side of the butte, toward Honanki PB218419
PB218420 PB218422 PB218423 PB218424
PB218425   At the end of the butte, a good lunch spot PB218426 PB218427 PB218428
PB218429 PB218430   But the weather is worsening.... PB218431   Honanki below us PB218432
PB218433 PB218434 PB218435   We're already getting drizzled on, so we start back PB218436
PB218437 PB218439 PB218442 PB218444
PB218445 PB218446 PB218447 PB218448
PB218449 PB218450 PB218451 PB218452
PB218453 PB218455 PB218456 PB218457
PB218458 PB218459 PB218460 PB218461