Margs Draw Damfino Mar 13

A loop around the bowl behind Snoopy Rock
P3124201   MARGS DRAW DAMFINO P3124202   Starting at the Schnebly trailhead P3124203 P3124205   We first head for Broken Arrow on the Margs Draw trail
P3124206 P3124207 P3124209   Good views near Uptown P3124211
P3124212 P3124213 P3124214 P3124215
P3124216 P3124218   Bill & Monica Rock P3124219 P3124220
P3124221 P3124222 P3124225 P3124226
P3124227   Near Broken Arrow, a break before climbing P3124229 P3124231 P3124232
P3124233 P3124235 P3124236 P3124237
P3124238   Snoopy looks different from the back P3124239 P3124240 P3124242
P3124243 P3124244 P3124245 P3124246
P3124247 P3124248 P3124249 P3124251
P3124252 P3124254   Climbing high on the Damfino Saddle edge of the bowl P3124256 P3124258
P3124259 P3124260 P3124261 P3124263
P3124264 P3124265 P3124266   The Holy Grail formation P3124267
P3124268 P3124269 P3124270 P3124271
P3124272 P3124273 P3124274 P3124275   Time for lunch at the edge of Damfino
P3124276 P3124277 P3124278 P3124279
P3124281 P3124282 P3124284 P3124286
P3124288 P3124289 P3124290 P3124292
P3124293 P3124294 P3124295 P3124296
P3124297 P3124298 P3124299 P3124300
P3124301 P3124302 P3124303 P3124304
P3124305 P3124308 P3124309 P3124310
P3124311 P3124313 P3124314 P3124315
P3124316 P3124317 P3124319 P3124320
P3124321 P3124322 P3124323 P3124324
P3124325 P3124326