Mayan Maiden Jan 13

Between Seven Sisters and Cathedral Rock
P1313406   MAYAN MAIDEN P1313407   Starting from the end of pavement on Verde Valley School Rd P1313408 P1313410
P1313411 P1313412 P1313413   Check dam built on the Fox Ranch in 1920s for watering cattle P1313414
P1313416   A well below the dam for sand-filtered water P1313417 P1313418   Is this petroglyph ancient or modern? P1313420
P1313421 P1313422 P1313423   The Mayan Maiden formation P1313424
P1313425 P1313426 P1313427 P1313428   Climbing to the Highline Trail
P1313429 P1313430 P1313431 P1313432   Castle Rock
P1313433 P1313434 P1313436 P1313437
P1313438 P1313439 P1313440   Morning break on the Highline P1313441
P1313443 P1313445 P1313446 P1313447
P1313448 P1313449 P1313450 P1313451
P1313452 P1313453 P1313455 P1313456
P1313457 P1313458 P1313459 P1313460
P1313461   From the backside of Seven Sisters, our views are down into the VOC P1313462 P1313463 P1313464
P1313465 P1313466 P1313467 P1313468
P1313469 P1313470 P1313471 P1313472
P1313474 P1313475 P1313476 P1313477
P1313478 P1313479 P1313480 P1313481
P1313482   Lunch is at our farthest point along the Highline P1313483   From here we strike out across the saddle for Cathedral Rock P1313485 P1313487
P1313488 P1313489 P1313490 P1313491
P1313492 P1313493 P1313495 P1313496
P1313497 P1313499   We make our way around the south side of the Cathedral P1313500 P1313501
P1313502   Descending on the south side back toward VVS Rd P1313503 P1313504 P1313505
P1313506 P1313507 P1313508   There is a narrow chute on this route P1313509
P1313510 P1313511 P1313512 P1313513
P1313515 P1313516 P1313517 P1313518
P1313519 P1313520 P1313521 P1313522   A smaller version of the Maiden that we dub the 'Bambino'
P1313523 P1313524 P1313525   A second, smaller chute P1313526
P1313527 P1313528   We reach the road about two miles beyond where we started, requiring a car shuttle