Mescal Feb 13

A mesa to one side of Long Canyon
P2053530   MESCAL P2053531   The start, as before, is the second Long Canyon parking area. P2053533 P2053534
P2053535 P2053536 P2053537 P2053538   Here we diverge from last month, by proceeding directly up the side of Mescal
P2053539 P2053540 P2053541 P2053542   This takes us directly to the top of the ridge
P2053543 P2053544 P2053545   Whose track? P2053546
P2053547 P2053548 P2053549 P2053550
P2053551 P2053553 P2053554 P2053555   A break a the 'conference circle'
P2053556 P2053558 P2053561 P2053562
P2053563 P2053564 P2053565 P2053567
P2053569   We now make our wa along the ridge P2053570 P2053571 P2053572
P2053573 P2053577 P2053578 P2053579
P2053580 P2053581 P2053582 P2053584
P2053585 P2053586 P2053587 P2053589
P2053590 P2053591 P2053592 P2053593
P2053594 P2053595 P2053596 P2053597
P2053598 P2053599 P2053601 P2053602
P2053603 P2053604   ...Until we find a route down the same side past the Birthing Cve and ruin P2053605 P2053606
P2053607 P2053608 P2053609 P2053610
P2053611 P2053612 P2053613 P2053614   The Birthing Cave
P2053615 P2053616 P2053617 P2053619
P2053621 P2053623 P2053624