Mitten Ridge Jan 13

Starting from the last Schnebly Hill parking area
P1223231   MITTEN RIDGE P1223232 P1223233 P1223234
P1223235 P1223236 P1223238 P1223239
P1223240 P1223241 P1223242 P1223244
P1223245 P1223246 P1223247 P1223248
P1223249 P1223250 P1223251 P1223252
P1223253 P1223254 P1223255 P1223256   We shortcut up onto the ridge
P1223257 P1223258 P1223259 P1223260
P1223261 P1223262 P1223263 P1223264
P1223265 P1223267 P1223268 P1223269
P1223270 P1223271 P1223272 P1223274
P1223275 P1223276 P1223277 P1223278
P1223279 P1223280 P1223281 P1223282
P1223283 P1223284 P1223285 P1223286
P1223287 P1223288 P1223289 P1223290
P1223291 P1223292 P1223293 P1223295
P1223296 P1223297 P1223298 P1223299
P1223300 P1223301 P1223302 P1223303
P1223304 P1223305 P1223306 P1223307
P1223308 P1223309 P1223311 P1223312
P1223313 P1223315 P1223316 P1223317
P1223318 P1223319 P1223320 P1223321
P1223322 P1223323 P1223324 P1223325
P1223326 P1223327   Taking the Hangover Trail back down P1223328 P1223329
P1223330 P1223331 P1223332 P1223333
P1223334 P1223336   A hawk comes into view P1223338 P1223339
P1223340 P1223341 P1223342 P1223343
P1223344 P1223345 P1223347 P1223348
P1223349 P1223350 P1223351 P1223352
P1223353 P1223354 P1223355   We take the public trail back from the Ridge, which is a lot longer than the ascent P1223356
P1223357 P1223358 P1223359 P1223360
P1223361 P1223362