Mormon Wash Jan 13

From the Soldier Pass trailhead
P1032708   MORMON WASH P1032709   Cold and windy weather required us to stay low this time P1032710 P1032711   We have been watching this block on the edge of Devil's Kitchen for years. The crack is widening.
P1032712 P1032713   We head over Cibola Pass, to a point behind Brins Mesa P1032714 P1032715
P1032716   The Mitten P1032717 P1032719 P1032721
P1032722 P1032723 P1032724 P1032725
P1032726 P1032727 P1032728 P1032729
P1032730   Walking ledges around the edge of the mesa toward Mormon Wash P1032731 P1032732 P1032733   Mormon Wash is full of basalt boulders with cypress trees
P1032734 P1032735 P1032736 P1032737
P1032738 P1032739 P1032741 P1032742
P1032743   Even at our sheltered break site, the wind is blowing up-canyon, so we don't take long P1032745 P1032746 P1032747
P1032748 P1032749 P1032750 P1032751
P1032752 P1032753 P1032754 P1032755
P1032756 P1032757   Because we followed the wash all the way back to the Joran trailhead, we can lunch in style P1032758 P1032759
P1032760 P1032761 P1032762   A scrub jay P1032764   Finally, over the Cibola Trail back to the Soldier Pass trailhead
P1032766 P1032767