Munds Mountain Overlook Apr 13

P4185113   MUNDS MOUNTAIN OVERLOOK P4185115   Starting from the top of Schnebly Hill P4185116 P4185117
P4185118 P4185119 P4185120 P4185121
P4185122   By the middle of the long traverse diaginal, good views begin to appear. P4185123 P4185124 P4185125
P4185126 P4185127 P4185128 P4185131
P4185132 P4185133 P4185134 P4185135
P4185136 P4185137 P4185138 P4185139
P4185140 P4185141 P4185142 P4185143   Across the saddle to Munds Mountain
P4185144 P4185145 P4185147 P4185148
P4185149   Fresh snow on Mt. Humphreys P4185150 P4185151 P4185152
P4185153 P4185154   The top of the mesa is a huge elk pasturage. P4185155   ...studded with ancient alligator junipers P4185156
P4185157 P4185158 P4185160 P4185161
P4185162 P4185163 P4185164 P4185165
P4185166 P4185167   The front side of the mesa overlooks Sedona's east side P4185168 P4185170
P4185171   A blooming hedgehog P4185172 P4185173 P4185174
P4185175 P4185176 P4185177 P4185179
P4185181 P4185182   Lunchtime P4185183 P4185184
P4185185 P4185186 P4185187 P4185188
P4185189   Sedona Airport P4185190 P4185191 P4185192
P4185193   These trees accumulate diameter at about one foor per hundred years P4185195 P4185196 P4185197
P4185198 P4185199 P4185200 P4185201
P4185202 P4185203 P4185204 P4185205   An old cattle tank
P4185206 P4185207 P4185208 P4185209
P4185211 P4185212 P4185213 P4185214
P4185215 P4185216 P4185217 P4185218
P4185219   Committee Tank, back on the public trail P4185220 P4185221 P4185222
P4185223 P4185224 P4185225 P4185226   The chimney is all that remains of this early settler cabin
P4185227 P4185228 P4185229 P4185230
P4185231 P4185232 P4185233 P4185234   Schnebly Hill Road is in sight again
P4185235 P4185236 P4185237