Polygons School Loop Jan 13

Starting from the trailhead below Red Rocks High
P1173154   POLYGONS - SCHOOL LOOP P1173156 P1173157   We start dire3ctly up this hill P1173158
P1173159 P1173160 P1173161   The 'one giant step' in the climb P1173162
P1173163 P1173164 P1173165 P1173166   Our first good viewpoint
P1173168 P1173169 P1173170 P1173171
P1173172 P1173173 P1173174 P1173175
P1173176 P1173177 P1173178 P1173179
P1173180 P1173181 P1173182 P1173183
P1173184 P1173185 P1173186 P1173187   West Sedona houses below us
P1173188 P1173189 P1173190 P1173191
P1173192 P1173193 P1173194 P1173195
P1173196 P1173197 P1173198 P1173199
P1173200 P1173201 P1173202 P1173203   Limestone 'polygons' sitting on top of sandstone strata
P1173204 P1173205   Up a wash, our first sight of columnar basalt. We climb toward it. P1173206 P1173207
P1173208 P1173209 P1173210   On top of the columnar, a break for lunch P1173211
P1173212 P1173213 P1173214 P1173215
P1173216 P1173217 P1173218 P1173220
P1173221   From here, we take teh trail angling down toward the high school P1173222 P1173224 P1173225
P1173226 P1173227 P1173228 P1173229   Solar arrays at the school