Pyramids and Polygons Dec 13

Starting one mile east of 89A on Upper Red Rock Loop
PC038555   PYRAMIDS AND POLYGONS PC038557 PC038558 PC038559
PC038560   First, a steep climb up the "pyramid" hill PC038562 PC038563 PC038565
PC038566 PC038567 PC038568 PC038569
PC038570 PC038571 PC038572 PC038573
PC038575 PC038576 PC038577   Good views of the wet side from the ridge PC038578
PC038580 PC038581 PC038582 PC038583
PC038586 PC038587 PC038588 PC038591
PC038593 PC038594 PC038595 PC038596
PC038597 PC038600 PC038602 PC038603
PC038604   r PC038605   A rare ocotillo thicket PC038606 PC038608
PC038609 PC038610   Some individuals still have flowers so late in the season PC038611 PC038612
PC038613 PC038614   Looking across Oak CReek PC038615 PC038616
PC038617   The hiyuses below PC038618 PC038619 PC038620
PC038621 PC038622 PC038623 PC038624   More ocotillo flowers
PC038626 PC038627 PC038628 PC038629   A good place for a break
PC038630 PC038631 PC038632 PC038635
PC038636 PC038637 PC038639 PC038640
PC038642 PC038643 PC038644 PC038645
PC038646 PC038647 PC038648 PC038649   On the south side of the ridge, a thin limestone layer on top of sandstone has eroded to polygonal remnants.
PC038650 PC038651 PC038652 PC038654
PC038655   A break for lunch. PC038656 PC038657   Then we head for the top of the ridge PC038658
PC038660 PC038662 PC038663   Looking down on the polygons PC038665
PC038666 PC038667 PC038669 PC038670
PC038671 PC038672 PC038673 PC038674
PC038675 PC038676 PC038677   Now we drop into a side canyon to return to our start PC038678
PC038679 PC038680 PC038681 PC038682
PC038683 PC038685 PC038687 PC038688
PC038689 PC038691 PC038692 PC038693
PC038694 PC038696 PC038697