Rabbit Ears Feb 13

From the Jacks Canyon trailhead
P2143726   RABBIT EARS P2143727   The Ears are already visible on the end of Lee  Mountain, but they don't stand out yet P2143728 P2143729
P2143730   An old tanch gate now on NF land P2143731 P2143732   courthouse Butte seen form due east P2143733
P2143734 P2143735 P2143736 P2143737
P2143738   Patch snow remains from the last big storm P2143740   The Rabbit Ears  are now strting to stand out P2143741 P2143743
P2143744 P2143745 P2143746 P2143747
P2143748 P2143749 P2143750 P2143751   This sheltered bowl west of the Ears is a good place for a break
P2143752 P2143753 P2143754 P2143755
P2143756 P2143757 P2143759 P2143760
P2143761 P2143762 P2143763   Looping tow the west, toward Courthouse P2143765
P2143766 P2143767 P2143768 P2143769
P2143770   This is the deepest, most permanent natural cattle tank in the Big Park area, so it attracts animals in summer P2143771   Raccoons? P2143772   Ice remains in the deep shade P2143773
P2143774   Looping back to the Jacks trailhead to the west of our starting point P2143775 P2143776 P2143777
P2143778 P2143779 P2143780 P2143781   Having its roots dangle over a was was not good for this juniper
P2143782 P2143784 P2143785 P2143786   Lunch at a high viewpoint overlookikng the Village
P2143787 P2143788 P2143789 P2143790
P2143791 P2143793 P2143794 P2143795