Rhino Rock Jan 13

Starting from the Chuckwagon trailhead
P1243363   RHINO ROCK P1243364   Today is cloudy, with rain possible P1243365 P1243366
P1243367 P1243369 P1243370 P1243371
P1243372 P1243373 P1243374   Now we're starting to get drizzle P1243375
P1243376 P1243377 P1243378 P1243381
P1243382 P1243383 P1243384 P1243385
P1243386   Rgino Rock itself is no larger than a coffee table P1243388 P1243389 P1243390
P1243391   The rain is getting more serious now as we reach the overlook to HS Canyon. There is only time for a quick bite. P1243392 P1243394 P1243395
P1243397 P1243398 P1243399 P1243401