Sandy's Canyon Sep 13

Off Lake Mary Rd near Flagstaff
P9196611   SANDY'S CANYON P9196613 P9196614   Checking the trail map P9196615
P9196616   The lava flow P9196617 P9196619 P9196620
P9196621 P9196622 P9196623 P9196624
P9196625 P9196626 P9196627 P9196628
P9196629 P9196630 P9196631 P9196632
P9196633 P9196634 P9196636 P9196637
P9196638 P9196639 P9196640 P9196641
P9196642 P9196644 P9196645 P9196646   Now we take a short section of the Arizona Trail
P9196647 P9196648 P9196649 P9196650
P9196651   The first cave P9196652 P9196653 P9196654
P9196655 P9196656 P9196657   This is the upper end of Walnut Canyon P9196659
P9196660 P9196661 P9196662 P9196663
P9196664 P9196665 P9196666 P9196667
P9196668 P9196670 P9196671 P9196673
P9196674 P9196675 P9196676   A caterpillar P9196678
P9196679 P9196680 P9196681 P9196682
P9196683 P9196684 P9196685 P9196686
P9196687   EArly frost is alreafy starting to turn the leaves P9196688 P9196689