Scheuermann Mountain Oct 13

Starting from Lower Red Rock Loop Rd on the Limekiln Trail
PA227462   SCHEUERMANN MOUNTAIN A full moon drops behind the saddle PA227464   Stating directly across from Red Rock State Park PA227465   First, the Lime kiln Trail PA227467
PA227469 PA227470 PA227471 PA227472
PA227473 PA227474   THese ocotillo leafed out of season after summer rain PA227475 PA227476
PA227477 PA227479 PA227480 PA227481
PA227482 PA227483 PA227485 PA227486   A view across the valley - and our cars far below
PA227487 PA227488   Now we switch to the Scheuermann Mountain Trail PA227489 PA227490   A good morning break spot
PA227491 PA227492 PA227493 PA227494
PA227495 PA227496 PA227497 PA227499   One very large anthill
PA227500   The western slope is carpeted with flowers PA227501 PA227502 PA227503
PA227504 PA227505 PA227506 PA227507
PA227508 PA227509 PA227510 PA227511
PA227512 PA227513 PA227514 PA227515
PA227516 PA227517   The smoke in the valley is from prescribed burns on the Rim PA227518 PA227519
PA227520 PA227521 PA227522 PA227523
PA227524 PA227526 PA227527 PA227528
PA227529 PA227530 PA227531 PA227532
PA227533 PA227534 PA227535 PA227536
PA227537 PA227538 PA227540 PA227542
PA227543 PA227544 PA227545 PA227546
PA227547 PA227548 PA227549 PA227550
PA227551 PA227552 PA227553 PA227554
PA227555 PA227556 PA227557 PA227558
PA227559   Some shade for lunch PA227561 PA227562 PA227563
PA227564 PA227565   The last stretch back gives us an option of a slot canyon PA227566 PA227567
PA227568 PA227569 PA227571 PA227572
PA227573 PA227574 PA227576 PA227577
PA227579 PA227580 PA227581   Watch the hanging tree! PA227582
PA227583 PA227584 PA227586 PA227587