Sedona Airport Open House Sep 13

The annual Airport Day, an open house for Sedonans, with classic planes and club-restored cars to see
P9216691   SEDONA AIRPORT OPEN HOUSE P9216692   Including a collection of local car ckub classics P9216693 P9216694
P9216695 P9216696 P9216697 P9216698
P9216699 P9216700 P9216702 P9216703
P9216704 P9216705 P9216706 P9216707
P9216708 P9216709 P9216710 P9216711
P9216712 P9216713 P9216714 P9216715
P9216716 P9216717 P9216718 P9216720
P9216721 P9216722 P9216723 P9216724
P9216725 P9216726 P9216727 P9216728
P9216729 P9216730 P9216731 P9216732
P9216734 P9216735 P9216736 P9216737
P9216738 P9216739 P9216740 P9216741
P9216742 P9216743 P9216744 P9216745
P9216746 P9216747 P9216748 P9216749
P9216751 P9216752 P9216753 P9216754
P9216755 P9216756 P9216757 P9216758
P9216759 P9216760 P9216761 P9216762
P9216763 P9216764 P9216765 P9216766
P9216767 P9216768 P9216769 P9216770
P9216771 P9216773 P9216774 P9216775
P9216776 P9216777 P9216778 P9216779
P9216780 P9216781 P9216782 P9216783
P9216784 P9216785 P9216786 P9216787
P9216788 P9216789 P9216791 P9216792
P9216793 P9216795 P9216796 P9216797
P9216799 P9216800 P9216801 P9216802
P9216803 P9216804 P9216805 P9216806
P9216807 P9216808 P9216809 P9216810
P9216811 P9216812 P9216813 P9216814
P9216815 P9216816 P9216819 P9216820
P9216827   Starting the B-25... P9216828   A burst of blue smoke at engine start P9216831 P9216832
P9216835 P9216836 P9216837 P9216839
P9216840 P9216842 P9216845 P9216848