The Fin Mar 13

A hike to Brins Ridge and the Fin
P3214394   THE FIN P3214396   We have dual destinations on this hike. We begin by climbing Brins Mesa. P3214397 P3214398
P3214399 P3214400 P3214401 P3214402
P3214404   As we climb the mesa, The Fin beceomes visible behind us. P3214405 P3214406 P3214407   Ants!
P3214408   On top, we find ourselves in the burned fortest from the 2006 disaster P3214409 P3214410 P3214411
P3214412 P3214413   Climbing Brins Ridge P3214414 P3214415
P3214416 P3214418 P3214419 P3214420
P3214421 P3214422 P3214423   On top, we make our way to the southernmost end of the ridge P3214424
P3214425   A view of West Sedona P3214427 P3214428 P3214429   A winter lightning strike just this month
P3214430 P3214431 P3214433 P3214435
P3214436 P3214437 P3214438 P3214439
P3214440 P3214441 P3214442   Heading back down off the Ridge... P3214443
P3214444 P3214445 P3214446   Partway down the stairstep, a fork to the left P3214447
P3214448 P3214449 P3214450 P3214451
P3214452 P3214453   The Fin comes into view P3214454 P3214455
P3214456 P3214457 P3214458 P3214459
P3214460 P3214461 P3214462   Lunch break on the north face P3214464
P3214465 P3214466 P3214467 P3214469
P3214470 P3214471 P3214472   Noe we make our way across ledges on the west side P3214473
P3214474 P3214475 P3214476 P3214477
P3214478 P3214479 P3214480 P3214481
P3214482 P3214483 P3214484 P3214485
P3214487 P3214488 P3214489 P3214490
P3214491 P3214492 P3214493 P3214494
P3214495 P3214496   The first downward chute P3214497 P3214498
P3214499 P3214500 P3214502   This leads to another ledge lower down on the north side P3214504
P3214505 P3214508 P3214509 P3214510   Our first dight of indian paintbrush this season
P3214511   Then we head down a second chute... P3214512 P3214513 P3214514
P3214515 P3214517 P3214518 P3214521
P3214522 P3214523 P3214524 P3214525
P3214526 P3214527 P3214529 P3214530
P3214532   This takes us into a brushy wash, and back to the Jordam trailhead P3214533 P3214534