Thomas Point Nov 13

Via Harding Spring Trail
PB148056   This hike requires a car shuttle to get back to the starting point PB148059 PB148060   Climbing the steep Harding Springs trail
PB148061 PB148062 PB148063 PB148064
PB148065 PB148066 PB148068 PB148069
PB148070 PB148072 PB148073 PB148074
PB148075 PB148077 PB148079   We emerge on top of the mesa PB148080
PB148081 PB148082 PB148083 PB148085   Across the canyon, the Baby Buggy formation
PB148086 PB148087 PB148088 PB148090
PB148091 PB148092 PB148093 PB148094
PB148095 PB148096 PB148097 PB148098
PB148099 PB148100 PB148101 PB148102
PB148103 PB148104 PB148105   After a long trek south along the rim of the mesa, we see the West Fork parking PB148107   The ranch house was at the head of this point, between the orchard and the deep side canyon
PB148108 PB148109 PB148110 PB148111
PB148112   Here is an oddly wide open area, no burn evidence PB148113 PB148115   A good lunch spot PB148116
PB148117 PB148118 PB148119 PB148120   We can see a little deeper into West Fork]
PB148122 PB148123 PB148124 PB148125   We head farther south
PB148126 PB148127 PB148128 PB148129
PB148131   Out onto Thomas Point PB148132 PB148133 PB148134
PB148135 PB148136 PB148138 PB148139
PB148140 PB148141 PB148142 PB148143   And down on the sunny side
PB148144 PB148145 PB148146 PB148147
PB148148 PB148149 PB148150 PB148151
PB148152 PB148153   That's where we came from PB148154 PB148155
PB148156 PB148157 PB148158 PB148159
PB148160 PB148161 PB148162 PB148164
PB148165 PB148166 PB148167   The ranch house chicken coops come into view over on West Fork PB148168
PB148169 PB148171 PB148172 PB148173
PB148174 PB148175 PB148176 PB148177
PB148178 PB148179   Just to make life interesting, a down tree fallen across a power line PB148181 PB148183   We're now back down, across 89A and on teh West Fork side
PB148184 PB148185   This is where we wait for our shuttle back from Harding Spring trailhead